Order Statuses in Our Platform

Welcome to the Order Statuses feature in our platform! Order statuses play a crucial role in tracking and managing the lifecycle of orders. In this presentation, we'll explore the purpose, functionality, and suggested configurations for each status in the life of an order.


Order statuses represent the various stages an order goes through from creation to completion. By tracking these statuses, you can monitor the progress of orders, manage workflows, and ensure timely delivery to customers. Let's delve into the different order statuses and their implications.

Order Statuses


  • Description: The initial status of an order when it is first created.
  • Suggested Configuration: Automatically change to ACCEPTED when the order is assigned to a driver.


  • Description: The order has been accepted by the system and is awaiting further processing.
  • Suggested Configuration: Can configure a setting to automaticalle change to DRIVER_IN_BRANCH when is close to the branch


  • Description: The branch has accepted the order and is preparing for fulfillment.


  • Description: The order is currently being processed by the branch.


  • Description: The order has been dispatched from the branch for delivery.


  • Description: The driver is present at the branch to pick up the order.


  • Description: The order has been supplied by the branch and is ready for delivery.


  • Description: The order is waiting for delivery.


  • Description: The order is in transit to the delivery location.
  • Suggested Configuration: Can be automatically changed when the driver leaves the branch with a setting.


  • Description: The order has arrived at the delivery location and is awaiting handoff.


  • Description: The order has been successfully delivered.


  • Description: The external delivery provider is requesting cancellation of the delivery. This does not mean that the order must be canceled, validate the reason for the cancellation request to determine if you can update the order to retry delivery.


  • Description: The order has been canceled.


  • Description: The order has been delivered, and a completion request has been initiated.


Order statuses are essential for tracking and managing the lifecycle of orders effectively. By configuring automatic status changes based on certain events, you can streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Thank you for exploring the Order Statuses