Operational Plazas

Operational Plazas in Our Platform

Welcome to the Operational Plazas feature in our platform! Operational Plazas provide a flexible and scalable solution for organizing and managing operations within your organization. In this presentation, we'll explore the purpose, functionality, and benefits of Operational Plazas, including their soft relationship with Business Units.


Operational Plazas serve as logical divisions within our platform, allowing you to structure your operations, manage resources, and optimize workflows. While it's not necessary to have multiple Operational Plazas, they offer a powerful tool for organizations looking to segregate operations based on geographical regions, districts, or any other criteria that aligns with their business model.

Key Features


Operational Plazas offer flexibility in how you organize and manage your operations. Whether you choose to have a single operational plaza or multiple plazas based on geographic regions, districts, or other divisions, our platform adapts to your specific needs and preferences.


As your organization grows and evolves, Operational Plazas provide scalability to accommodate changing operational requirements. Whether you're expanding into new markets or reorganizing your existing operations, Operational Plazas can easily adapt to support your evolving business needs.

Organizing Payment Methods

Each operational plaza has it's own payment methods and can be configured there, in this way you can personalize the creation of orders (Only in the panel web) with the allowed payment methods.

Relationship with Business Units

Operational Plazas can be combined with Business Units to enhance management and organization further. By leveraging both Operational Plazas and Business Units, you can achieve granular control over operations, optimize resource allocation, and streamline workflows more effectively than by using plazas alone.


Better Management

Combining Operational Plazas with Business Units allows for better management and organization of operations. You can assign specific Business Units to different plazas, enabling you to tailor workflows, allocate resources, and manage teams more efficiently based on geographical or functional divisions.

Enhanced Visibility

Operational Plazas provide enhanced visibility into operations, allowing you to monitor performance, track key metrics, and analyze trends at a regional or district level. This visibility enables informed decision-making and strategic planning to drive business growth and success.

Improved Collaboration

By organizing operations into distinct plazas, you can foster collaboration and coordination among teams operating within the same geographical or functional area. This collaboration promotes knowledge sharing, best practice sharing, and synergy across teams, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.


Operational Plazas offer a powerful solution for organizing and managing operations within your organization. Whether you choose to utilize a single plaza or multiple plazas based on geographical or functional divisions, Operational Plazas provide flexibility, scalability, and enhanced management capabilities to support your business goals and objectives.

Thank you for exploring the Operational Plazas feature in our platform. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to help you make the most of our platform's capabilities and optimize your operational workflows.

Happy organizing!