Getting Started with Jelp Delivery

This page will help you get started with Jelp Delivery. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Know a Little About Us

Jelp Delivery is a Mexican platform specialized in home delivery services. It provides logistical and distribution solutions for businesses and retailers seeking efficient product deliveries to their end customers.

In general terms, home delivery platforms like Jelp act as intermediaries between businesses and consumers, streamlining the process of ordering, coordination, and product delivery. Customers can place orders through the platform, select the desired products, and then have them delivered to the comfort of their homes.

Discover What Jelp Delivery Can Do for You!

With Jelp Delivery, we can empower your deliveries by offering various features on our platform. You'll be able to manage your orders, handle fleets of drivers (if you have them), and leverage many other tools that will enhance your deliveries. Even if you don't have your own fleets, you can use our external partners (Uber, Rappi, Glovo, etc.) by delegating orders (check the Delegate Orders Documentation).


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What’s Next

You can read about our API if you're in search to integrate with us!