Branches in Our Platform

Welcome to the Branches feature in our platform! Branches serve as the physical locations where sales are made, providing a crucial touchpoint for your business. In this presentation, we'll explore the purpose, functionality, and configurations of branches within our platform.


Branches play a pivotal role in your business operations, serving as the face of your brand and facilitating sales transactions. In our platform, branches are seamlessly integrated into the operational structure, allowing you to manage and optimize operations at each location.

Key Features

Assignment to Plaza and Business Unit

Each branch is assigned to a plaza and business unit, providing a hierarchical structure for organization and management. This allows you to align branch operations with specific geographical regions or functional areas, ensuring efficient coordination and resource allocation.

Coordinates and Address Data

Branches are associated with coordinates and address data, providing essential location information for navigation and logistics purposes. Whether you're managing deliveries or providing in-store services, accurate location data ensures smooth operations and enhances the drivers and partners experience.

Unique Identifier for Integrations

Each branch is assigned a unique code, enabling seamless integration with external systems and partners. Whether you're syncing data with third-party applications or managing multi-channel operations, the branch code serves as a reliable identifier for reference and communication.


Time to Cancel Orders

Branches can be configured with a specific time limit to automatically cancel orders that are not attended. This helps to streamline operations and manage order queues efficiently, ensuring timely service and customer satisfaction.

Assignment Waiting Time

Branches can also be configured with a waiting time before starting the assignment of orders. This allows sufficient time for order preparation and ensures that orders are processed promptly upon assignment, minimizing wait times and optimizing workflow efficiency.


Some partners return error when the phone number of the branch is not configured. This is because they requires the phone for contact.

System settings

Some settings are available at the level of branch, ask us about which setting is needed and if can be configured to this level of logic


Operational Efficiency

By centralizing operations at each branch and aligning them with plazas and business units, you can optimize resource allocation and streamline workflow processes. This enhances operational efficiency and enables seamless coordination across multiple locations.

Scalability and Growth

The hierarchical structure of branches, plazas, and business units provides scalability to accommodate growth and expansion. Whether you're opening new locations or diversifying your business offerings, our platform adapts to support your evolving needs and business objectives.


Branches are the backbone of your business, serving as key touchpoints for drivers and partners interactions and sales transactions. By leveraging the features and configurations available in our platform, you can optimize branch operations, enhance the customer experience, and drive business growth.

Thank you for exploring the Branches feature in our platform. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to help you make the most of our platform's capabilities and optimize your branch operations for success.

Happy branch management!