Settings List

Platform Settings

There are a lot of settings some of the works with the app of drivers, others are specifically for the system and for the App and Panel Web. Here is the list of settings:

Here are the settings of the platform along with their descriptions and values:

  1. activatePanicButton

    • Description: Indicates whether the panic button is activated or not.
    • Default Value: true
  2. canSendAVoiceMessage

    • Description: Specifies if sending voice messages is enabled for drivers.
    • Default Value: true
  3. canTakeScreenshots

    • Description: Determines if drivers can take screenshots.
    • Default Value: true
  4. confirmPaymentMethodBeforeCompleteOrder

    • Description: Controls whether payment method confirmation is required before completing an order.
    • Default Value: false
  5. distanceForChangeStatusToDriverInBranchByGeofence

    • Description: Distance threshold for changing the status of a driver in a branch based on geofencing.
    • Default Value: 250(meters)
  6. distanceForChangeStatusToTransitByGeofence

    • Description: Distance threshold for changing the status to transit by geofencing when drivers out of the branch (Works only with one order at time).
    • Default Value: 200 (meters)
  7. driverCanCallCustomer

    • Description: Indicates whether drivers can call customers.
    • Default Value: true
  8. driverCanSendSMS

    • Description: Specifies if drivers can send SMS messages to customers.
    • Default Value: true
  9. isActiveAssignAutomaticBranchInOrder Deprecated

    • Description: Controls automatic assignment of branches in orders.
    • Default Value: true
  10. isActiveAutomaticAcceptedStatus

    • Description: Determines if automatic acceptance status is set when assigned a driver.
    • Default Value: true
  11. isActiveAutomaticAssignmentInOrder

    • Description: Controls automatic assignment in orders.
    • Default Value: true
  12. isActiveScheduledDateInOrder

    • Description: Determines if scheduled orders are active.
    • Default Value: true
  13. maxDistanceCompletedOrder Deprecated

    • Description: Maximum distance for completed orders.
    • Default Value: 0
  14. maxDistanceCoverage

    • Description: Maximum distance for coverage.
    • Default Value: 6500
  15. maxOrdersByDriver

    • Description: Maximum orders allowed per driver.
    • Default Value: 3
  16. maxSpeedInTransit Deprecated

    • Description: Maximum speed in transit create logs in the order when reached.
    • Default Value: 180
  17. outOfServiceControl Deprecated

    • Description: Controls out-of-service status.
    • Default Value: true
  18. requestCancelFolio

    • Description: Indicates if cancel requests is needed before cancel a folio
    • Default Value: true
  19. requestCompletedFolio

    • Description: Indicates if completed requests is needed before complete a folio
    • Default Value: true
  20. requestSignatureOrder

    • Description: Indicates if signature is required for orders before completion.
    • Default Value: true
  21. taskDetailHideAddresses

    • Description: Controls visibility of addresses in orders detail (for drivers).
    • Default Value: false
  22. timeForRequestOutOfService

    • Description: Time limit for out-of-service requests.
    • Default Value: 0
  23. isActivePickupInOrder

    • Description: Determines if is allowed the creation of pickup orders (web)
    • Default Value: true
  24. isActiveDeliveryAccess Deprecated

    • Description: Determines if delivery access is active.
    • Default Value: false
  25. isActiveVehicleType

    • Description: Determines if vehicle types are active.
    • Default Value: true
  26. isActiveServiceForExternalOrders

    • Description: Determines if service is active for external orders.
    • Default Value: false
  27. heavyVehicleShippingCost Deprecated

    • Description: Shipping cost for heavy vehicles.
    • Default Value: 0
  28. mediumVehicleShippingCost Deprecated

    • Description: Shipping cost for medium vehicles.
    • Default Value: 0
  29. lightVehicleShippingCost Deprecated

    • Description: Shipping cost for light vehicles.
    • Default Value: 0
  30. timeDifferenceForScheduledDateInOrder

    • Description: Time difference for scheduled dates in orders to avoid creation of orders scheduled before certain time.
    • Default Value: 2700 (seconds)
  31. minNumberOfCoverageAreasInDriver

    • Description: Minimum number of coverage areas for drivers.
    • Default Value: 1
  32. isActiveDriversInCoverageAreas

    • Description: Determines if drivers are active in coverage areas.
    • Default Value: false
  33. validateRegularExpressionInPassword

    • Description: Validates regular expression in passwords.
    • Default Value: true
  34. validateDriverMode

    • Description: Revised workflow for drivers: Orders cannot be assigned if a driver is out of the branch. When a driver is within the branch, they transition to standby mode. However, when they are outside of the branch, they switch to transit mode. While in transit mode, drivers are ineligible to receive further orders until they return to the branch. When value is 0 this mode is off if is different from 0 it's on but the value is transformed to meters and create geofences in branch to change the driver mode. <span style="color:yellow">Note: This function works only when vehicle is assigned and the geofence will be created in the branch assigned to vehicle
    • Default Value: 0
  35. isExternalGpsLayerVisible Deprecated

    • Description: Determines visibility of external GPS layer.
    • Default Value: false
  36. distanceForChangeStatusToOnSiteByGeofence

    • Description: Distance threshold for changing status to on-site by geofencing.
    • Default Value: 250(meters)
  37. isActiveAutomaticOrderWaitingStatus

    • Description: Determines if automatic order waiting status is active. Orders will change to order_waiting status after being supplied
    • Default Value: true
  38. allowManualAssignationForScheduledOrders

    • Description: Allow direct assignment on scheduled orders
    • Default Value: false
  39. allowManualDriverAssignationInAnyStatus

    • Description: Allow the reassignment of drivers in order in any status (not including canceled or completed)
    • Default Value: false
  40. limitStatusToDelivery Deprecated

    • Description: Limits status to delivery.
    • Default Value: false
  41. validateVehicleInUse

    • Description: Before automatic assignment, validate whether the driver has a vehicle assigned.
    • Default Value: true
  42. validateChecklistMade

    • Description: Before automatic assignment, validate whether the driver has a checklist made.
    • Default Value: true
  43. hideTotals

    • Description: Hides totals in driver app.
    • Default Value: false
  44. isActiveCapacities Deprecated

    • Description: Determines if capacities are active.
    • Default Value: false
  45. isLocationWebhookActive

    • Description: Determines if location is shared via webhook when folio_update webhook event runs.
    • Default Value: false
  46. locationWebhookInterval

    • Description: Interval for location webhook. Works with isLocationWebhookActive.
    • Default Value: 60
  47. hideBreak

    • Description: Hides break option from driver app.
    • Default Value: false
  48. hideOrderReject

    • Description: Hides order rejection option from driver app.
    • Default Value: true
  49. orderTimeoutToAutoReject

    • Description: Timeout for auto-rejecting orders to assigned drivers (works only with own fleets).
    • Default Value: 6000
  50. isActiveCancelToOrder

    • Description: Determines if drivers are allowed to cancel an order (works only with own fleets).
    • Default Value: true
  51. profitDriverDeliveryCost

    • Description: Profit from driver delivery cost.
    • Default Value: 0
  52. profitDriverCostAdditionalKm

    • Description: Profit from additional kilometers for drivers.
    • Default Value: 0
  53. profitDriverBaseDistanceInMeters

    • Description: Profit from base distance in meters for drivers.
    • Default Value: 0
  54. isActivePrescriptionActionInOrders

    • Description: Determines if prescription action is active in orders. This setting is mostly for pharmacists take, stamp or do nothing with the prescription
    • Default Value: false
  55. isActiveNotifications

    • Description: Determines if notifications are active.
    • Default Value: false
  56. timeControlTower

    • Description: Time settings for the control tower.
    • Default Value: 900,1800
  57. isActiveMultiOrders Deprecated

    • Description: Determines if multi-orders are active.
    • Default Value: false
  58. isActiveRequestCancelInControlTower

    • Description: Determines if cancel requests are active in the panel web.
    • Default Value: false
  59. showCompleteReason

    • Description: Shows reason for completion when trying to complete an order.
    • Default Value: false
  60. requestDeliveryAddress

    • Description: Show delivery details on task requests in driver app.
    • Default Value: true
  61. timeToCancelOrder

    • Description: Time limit for canceling orders automatically when are not being attended (Only when pending after time runs)
    • Default Value: 0(minutes)
  62. orderCostPerKm

    • Description: Cost per kilometer for orders.
    • Default Value: 0
  63. orderBaseQuote

    • Description: Base quote for orders.
    • Default Value: 0
  64. orderBaseDistanceInKm

    • Description: Base distance in kilometers for orders.
    • Default Value: 0
  65. autoStatusBranchFlow

    • Description: Automatic status branch flow.
    • Default Value: false