More About Rules

Custom Rules

Tailor your partnership experience with our customizable rules. Each rule allows you to fine-tune your operations according to your business requirements.

Assignment Rules

Define how orders are assigned to your fleet with the following parameters:

  • Max Total: The maximum amount or value of an order.
  • Min Total: The minimum amount or value of an order.
  • Needed to Be Paid: Specify if orders must be paid before they are accepted (default: false).
  • Payment Methods: Specify accepted payment methods and their maximum total amounts.
  • Vehicles Supported: Specify the types of vehicles supported for order delivery.

Driver Search Rules

Optimize driver allocation and management with the following rules:

  • Ignore Orders In Request Status: Specify if orders in certain request statuses can be ignored in the order count (default: false).
  • Max Orders By Driver: Limit the number of orders a driver can carry.
  • Vehicle Needed: Require drivers to have a vehicle assigned.
  • Checklist Needed: Enable order acceptance only when a starting checklist is filled.
  • Driver Mode: Enable mode validation for drivers (standby or driving).
  • Max Search Distance: Set the maximum distance for driver searches in meters.

Quote Rules

Set pricing rules for accurate client quotes based on the following parameters:

  • Base Distance (KM): Specifies the base distance combined with the base cost. After this distance is surpassed, additional cost per distance will be applied.
  • Base Cost: Describes the base cost of the order. For example, some partners may request a base cost of $15 for the first 3km, with additional costs per km.
  • Cost Extra Per KM: Adds an additional amount of cost after surpassing the base distance.
  • Max Fee: Helps avoid attending orders surpassing the initial quote by limiting extra distances.

These quotation rules can be applied per vehicle type to further customize pricing based on the type of vehicle used for delivery.

Availability Rules

Partners can also be modified to customize the working hours.


Days and times can be customized, but this doesn't guarantee availability only during the specified hours, be careful!

The fluctuation in availability is driven by various factors that affect the demand for delivery services from our customers. We consider factors such as peak times, popular locations, and even weather conditions, all of which can influence the need for delivery assistance. By strategically partnering with delivery providers, we aim to ensure that our clients receive timely and efficient service, especially during peak demand periods or in high-traffic areas. This approach allows our clients to customize their experience

Have specific questions about these rules or need assistance in setting them up? Contact us for personalized support.