Special Skills For Couriers

This only applies for the external services like uber, rappi, etc. But not all applies or support this options

Our couriers are equipped with special skills to efficiently handle various types of orders, ensuring smooth and reliable delivery services.

Verify ID (verifyId)

  • Description: This skill/tag is utilized when an ID verification is required for the delivery. It's crucial for products that have a minimum age requirement, such as alcohol or certain restricted items.
  • Importance: Ensures compliance with legal regulations and age restrictions, guaranteeing that the delivery is made to the appropriate recipient.

Roundtrip (roundtrip)

  • Description: The roundtrip skill/tag is essential when the courier needs to make a return trip to the store or origin point. This requirement may arise in scenarios where a receipt needs to be collected or a return action is necessary, such as with pharmacy deliveries.
  • Importance: Facilitates the completion of necessary transactions or actions, ensuring seamless delivery processes. However, it may incur additional costs depending on the specific circumstances.

By possessing these specialized skills, our couriers are adept at handling diverse delivery requirements, providing reliable and customer-focused services tailored to each order's unique needs.